Why use OHORA?

Colors & Designs
The best nail art designers at OHORA Nail Art Lab in Korea constantly research innovative colors, textures and trends to compose leading designs and colors. New products are introduced periodically, thanks to their endless efforts. Currently, OHORA gel nail appliqué consists of various textures (glossy, matte, glitter, syrup, nacre, hologram, oil/water painting, and mixture), and dozens of colors.

Flexible and Comfortable
OHORA gel nail strips are flexible because they are ‘semi-cured’. They comfortably stick on your nail as if they were brushed on. After UV light curing, the exquisite designs and shining colors show true value of OHORA.

Strong Hold & Tough on Scratch
Even the glue of OHORA gel nail appliqué is made from cosmetic grade gel ingredients using patented technology, and provides strong hold that lasts 2~3 weeks in daily chores, including taking shower, doing dishes, washing hands, etc. By curing under UV light, OHORA gel nail appliqué hardens and becomes resistant to scratch just like regular gel nail polish.


Support & Removal without Harming Thin/Thinning Nails
OHORA gel nail appliqué's durability and strong hold can support the thin nails so that they are more resistant to breaking or tearing. The best part is that OHORA gel nail appliqué can be removed without harming your nails. 

How to Use?

1. Prepare nails so that they are smooth on surface with oil and moisture free.
2. Select a strip and remove clear protective film.
3. Apply the strip firmly and evenly on the nail from cuticle side to the edge.
4. Remove excessive part using a nail file from center to sides.
5. Repeat above process as necessary.
6. Cure nails for 30 seconds under UV led light. If UV led light is not available, cure nails for 5 minutes under sunlight.
7. Keep unused strips out of light in darkness. Light cures the strips.


  • External use only.

  • Do not chew or swallow. If swallowed, please consult your doctor.

  • Keep out of reach of children.